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Course Introduction

This is the main course page for Accunect: Intuitive Health Mapping Connect Online.

You should watch all of the lectures in Module 1 and receive your attunement for week one.  Then watch the material in the module for the current week before joining the weekly calls. The call will be somewhere between the first and the end of the second week depending on when you join.  Module One covers all of the theory and basic skills that you need to participate in the weekly calls.

In the weekly calls we will cover Modules 2 through 8 in a rotation.  Depending on when you join the course we may be somewhere in the middle of the program, but we will circle around to the lower modules during your time on the course so that you have a complete experience.  

See the diagram below for flow of course modules and call schedules.

Follow the calendar listing in the left sidebar to determine which module is next in the series.

Please stay in touch on the Accunect fb group, where you can share your experiences and get your questions answered.

We will see you on the calls.

Enjoy the course!


Call Schedule For Modules






31 Oct

9 Jan

5 Mar


7 Nov

16 Jan

12 Mar


14 Nov

23 Jan

19 Mar


21 Nov

30 Jan

26 Mar


5 Dec

6 Feb

2 Apr


12 Dec

13 Feb

9 Apr


19 Dec

20 Feb 

13 Apr


2 Jan

27 Feb

23 Apr

Call Recordings

The weekly support calls are always recorded in case you miss one. Replays are on this page.


Module 1: Introduction to Accunect Intuitive Health Mapping

What is Accunect: Intuitive Health Mapping and how does it work?  How can you use it in your practice or for yourself or your family? What kind of issues does it help?  

Introduction and the 8 Accunect Healing Principles and foundation and understanding for all of our concepts and Accunect: Intuitive Health Mapping.  What is the formula for healing with Accunect Intuitive Health Mapping and how does it happen? 

Module 1A: Accunect Attunement, Accunect Tools

Powerful attunement to the Accunect: Intuitive Health Mapping energy. The Accunect Tools - needed before you start with the balancings: The Accunect Health Map, The Observing Procedure, Muscle Checking, Doing Distance Sessions.  

Module 1B: Accunect Handouts

These are all the handouts that you need in order to do Accunect sessions. You can print just one copy of each handout for reference except for the Accunect Health Map. You should print out a Health Map for each session that you do so that you can record your session.

Module 2: M/F Brain & Senses

M/F Brain - synchronizes, integrates and updates communication between the nervous system, brain and the body.  Synchronize, integrate and re-circuit the nervous system.  

Senses - our perceptions of life and the world we live in are guided by our senses and how we experience the world through our senses,  

Module 3: Organs Meridians

Balance the Traditional Chinese Medicine organs and the meridians to bring about improved function: both psychological and physiological.  Give clarity and focus to thinking and aspects of mind. 

Module 4: Emotions, Defense, Reset Formula

Clear stuck emotions or support processing in daily life. 

Move your clients quickly from Fight or Flight mode to Rest and Healing mode. Support the nervous  system from being overly sensitive and out of fight or flight mode. Boost the immune system. 

Module 6: Mandala and Oneness

The Mandala balancing and connection to Oneness, to support a feeling of calm, connection, inner peace, innner wisdom, inner guidance. self love and self acceptance. 

Module 7: Beliefs, Change & Endocrines

Balance the beliefs that hold us back in life, work and relationships.  Address resistance to change and balance the endocrine function - physiological and psychological. 

Module 8: H20, Middle Man, Unwind

Balancing the distribution of water in the body, using the man in the middle of the Health Map, and Unwind. 

Module 10: Other Knowledge, Putting It Together and Moving Forward

Other Knowledge and other modalities, how do you integrate other modalities with Accunect Practice.  Complete the checklist and get your certificate sent to you.  

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