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The GO TO technique to 'LOCK IN', supercharge and create lasting results fast in practice

Or use for daily health maintenace on yourself and family


How You Can Use The Modality Supercharge

1.  Use The Modality Supercharge with your current modality to ‘lock in’ and boost your clients results.  Do this technique first to integrate what you are already doing in your session throughout the whole mind body complex and to take your session deeper.  It will also give your clients whole mind-body complex a complete balance.  If you have 3 minutes at the end of your session you can do it then too.

2. The materials can be used by anyone as a quick way to clear emotions or overwhelm.  You can recommend your clients take the program if they suffer from overwhelming emotions that are stopping their productivity and quality of life.  They can learn to do the routine for themselves when they are feeling strong debilitating emotions and as a routine every morning.  

3. This material can be used as a powerful morning routine to set up your day.   That is what I do.

4. You can use it as a plug in with the Accunect modality under 'Basics' - it has a certain vibration which is different to the rest of the Accunect Health Map. I would always recommend following the Health Map to start with if you have studied Accunect. 

Enjoy the course.  Stay in touch,


Module 1: Introduction to The Modality Supercharge

What is the modality supercharge and how does it work?  What does it help?  How can it help you as a practitioner or if you want to balance yourself or your family.  

Outline and contents description of the course and how to get the most from the course. 

Module 2: Accunect 8 Healing Principles and Attunement

What is the formula for healing and how does it actually happen? The foundations and principles for all our work and powerful attainment to Accunect healing energy. 

Module 3: Brain Boost Plug-in

Bonus Material 

Synchronizes, integrates and updates communication between the nervous system, brain and the body.  Synchronize, integrate and re-circuit the nervous system.  

Module 4: Elements/Organs/Emotions

Balance the elements the organs and the emotions to bring about improved function of the organs. Clear stuck and overcharged emotions including depression, anxiety and anger. Also gives clarity and focus to thinking of all aspects of mind. 

Module 5: Reset Formula

Bonus material 

Move your clients quickly from Fight or Flight mode to Rest and Healing mode. Helps to recondition the activation system of the autonomic nervous system.  Keeps the nervous  system from being overly sensitive and keeps recipients out of fight or flight mode. 

Module 6: The Modality Supercharge Putting it All Together 

Putting everything together that we have learned into the modality supercharge technique.  A powerful 3 minute routine to supercharge and boost results of any modality.  Can be used at home as a self-care routine. 

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